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Annotations are from Advance, the Ingram Book Magazine, unless noted.
  • Night of the Living Trekkies
    Author: Anderson Kevin David & Sarn Stall
    $ 15 ISBN: 9781594744631 Date: 2010
    In the vein of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes a science fiction parody packed with hundreds of gags referencing Star Trek, comic books, and fan conventions.
    Updated 9.27.10
  • Zombie Lover
    Author: Anthony, Piers
    Publisher: Tor $ 23.95 ISBN: 0312866909 Date: 1998
    A ghoulishly delightful Xanth escapade from the master of mischievous merriment. Brianna, a beautiful, brassy young black girl has a distressing dilemma: she has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth's zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead!
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Damnation Game
    Author: Barker, Clive
    Publisher: Putnam $ 18.95 ISBN: 0399132783 Date: 1987
    Barker invites readers into a nightworld where decomposing corpse-assassins stalk their prey. Marty Strauss, the bodyguard to a famous industrialist, discovers that someone is coming to collect the soul of his employer as payment for an ancient debt.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • The Reapers are the Angels
    Author: Bell, Alden
    $ 15 ISBN: 9780805092431 Date: 2010
    Zombies have infested a fallen America, and a young girl named Temple is on the run. Haunted by her past and pursued by a killer, she moves back and forth between the insulated remnants of society and the brutal frontier beyond--seeking salvation and a place to make a home.
    Updated 7.12.10
  • Are You Loathsome Tonight?A Collection of Short Stories
    Author: Brite, Poppy Z.
    Publisher: Gauntlet $ 50 ISBN: 1887368167 Date: 1998
    This collection by Poppy Z. Brite, author of Exquisite Corpse and Love in Vein, among others, features anew story, "Monday's Special."
    Updated 8.7.06
  • World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
    Author: Brooks, Max
    Publisher: Crown $ 24.95 ISBN: 0307346609 Date: 2006
    The Studs Terkel of the Zombie War, Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, puts a human face on the suffering that occurred during the horrible hostilities, interviewing civilians, soldiers, politicians, and others, in this stunning book compiled shortly after the conclusion of the epic ten-year conflict.
    Updated 6.28.06
  • The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
    Author: Brooks, Max
    Publisher: Three Rivers $ 13.95 ISBN: 1400049628  Date: 2003
    Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, The Zombie Survival Guide is one's key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking thestreets right now.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Play Dead
    Author: Brown, Ryan
    $ 24.99 ISBN: 9781439171301 Date: 2010
    In Brown's fresh and riveting supernatural thriller, football-player zombies bent on revenge take over a football-obsessed Texas town.
    Updated 3.18.10
  • Breathers: A Zombie's Lament
    Author: Browne, S.G.
    $ 14 ISBN: 9780767930611 Date: 2009
    Meet Andy Warner, a recently deceased everyman and newly minted zombie. Abandoned by his friends and reviled by a society that no longer considers him human, Andy is having a bit of trouble adjusting. But all that changes when he goes to an Undead Anonymous meeting and meets a few kindred souls.
    Updated 3.31.09
  • Night of the Seventh Darkness
    Author: Easterman, Daniel
    Publisher: HarperCollins $23 ISBN: 0060179287 Date: 1991
    A Brooklyn cop takes on the case of a lifetime when a beautiful Haitian woman reveals a tale of voodoo, ancient rituals, and murder in this exotic new thriller by acclaimed author Daniel Easterman.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion
    Author: Goldsher, Alan
    $ 15 ISBN: 9781439177921 Date: 2010
    The Beatles take over the world--literally--in this forthcoming Beatles/horror/humor mash-up.
    Updated 6.8.10
  • The Laughing Corpse
    Author: Hamilton, Laurell K.
    Publisher: Berkley $ 22.95 ISBN: 0425192008  Date: 2003
    Now in hardcover, with a new Afterword by the author, The Laughing Corpse finds Anita Blake crossing paths with a creature from beyond the grave, a super-powerful zombie who is tearing a swath of murder through the city.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Already Dead
    Author: Huston, Charlie
    Publisher: Del Rey $ 12.95 ISBN: 034547824X Date: 2005
    The daughter of a prominent New York family is missing, and her Vampyre fascination makes Joe Pitt--private detective and Vampyre--the man for this most dangerous job.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • City of the Dead
    Author: Keene, Brian
    Publisher: Leisure Books $ 6.99 ISBN: 0843954159 Date: 2005
    This sequel to the Bram Stoker Award-winning The Rising continues the story of what happens after a plague turns nearly all of America's population into zombies.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • The Rising
    Author: Keene, Brian
    Publisher: Leisure $ 6.99 ISBN: 0843952016 Date: 2004
    From the Bram Stoker Award-winning author comes this thriller about a man who embarks on a cross-country trip to save his son after a plague turns nearly all of America's population into zombies.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Cell
    Author: King, Stephen
    Publisher: Scribner $ 26.95 ISBN: 0743292332 Date: 2006
    starBooklist starKirkus
    Civilization doesn't end with a bang or a whimper. It ends with a call on your cell phone. What happens on the afternoon of October 1 came to be known as the Pulse, a signal sent though every operating cell phone that turns its user into something...well, something less than human. Savage, murderous, unthinking-and on a wanton rampage. Terrorist act? Cyber prank gone haywire? It really doesn't matter, not to the people who avoided the technological attack. What matters to them is surviving the aftermath. Before long a band of them-"normies" is how they think of themselves-have gathered on the grounds of Gaiten Academy, where the headmaster and one remaining student have something awesome and terrifying to show them on the school's moonlit soccer field. Clearly there can be no escape. The only option is to take them on.
    Updated 1.25.06
  • Beserk
    Author: Leebron, Tim
    Publisher: Leisure $ 6.99 ISBN: 0843954302 Date: 2006
    From the acclaimed, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Nature of Balance comes another exercise in terror. A father's search for the truth about his son's death leads him to a mass grave filled with inhuman, headless skeletons--all of them in chains
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Habeas Campu: Angela Matelli
    Author: Lee, W.W.
    Publisher: Minotaur $ 22.95 ISBN: 031226139X Date: 2002
    Angela Matelli grew up in a large Italian family in East Boston and spent years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Now a private investigator in Boston, she discovers a sudden death and voodoo warnings at an Ivy League school in Vermont.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Handling the Undead
    Author: Lindqvist, John Ajvide
    $ 24.99 ISBN: 9780312605254 Date: 2010
    starKirkus starLJ
    From the author of the powerful vampire novel Let the Right One In comes a horror novel that transcends its genre by showing what the return of the dead might really mean to those who loved them.
    Updated 9.3.10
  • Magic for Beginners
    Author: Link, Kelly
    Publisher: Small Beer $ 24 ISBN: 1931520151 Date: 2005
    Cult favorite Kelly Link unfurls a second engaging, funny, and magical selection of stories, with riffs on marriage, cannons, convenience stories, superheroes, zombies, and apocalyptic poker parties.
    Suggested Reading: Speculative Fiction for the Reluctant
    Updated 6.6.05
  • The Walking
    Author: Little, Bentley
    Publisher: Signet $ 6.99 (paper) ISBN: 0451201744 Date: 2000
    Across the country, the dead have risen and they're on a mission. No one knows why they are walking or where they are going and no one can stop them. The Bram Stoker Award-winning writer and author of The Store, The Ignored, and The Town is "a master of the macabre" (Stephen King).
    Suggested Reading: Scary Stars
  • Aftertime
    Author: Littlefield, Sophie
    $ 15 ISBN: 9780373803361 Date: 2011
    Set in a dystopian world and featuring zombies, Aftertime is the first novel in a new series. Cass Dollar had been taken by zombies and turned into one of them. But she got better somehow. Now all she wants to do is find her daughter.
    Suggested Reading: Dystopias
    Updated 2.14.11
  • Gil's All Fright Diner
    Author: Martinez, A. Lee
    Publisher: Tor $ 24.95 ISBN: 0765311437 Date: 2005
    Bloodier than Fried Green Tomatoes! Funnier than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Welcome to Gil's All Night Diner, where zombie attacks are a regular occurrence and you never know what might be lurking in the freezer . . . - Publisher Marketing.
    Suggested Reading: Contemporary Fantasy Stars | Adult Books for Teens
    Updated 3.21.05
  • On Stranger Tides
    Author: Powers, Tim
    Publisher: Ace $ 16.95 ISBN: 0441626831 Date: 1987
    Jack Shandy, bookkeeper and puppeteer, is the least likely man to get mixed up with pirates. Yet, on his way to seek revenge against his rich uncle for cheating his now-dead father of an inheritance, he is kidnapped by zombie pirates and taken into adventures, misadventures and lands filled with voodoo.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Dating Secrets of the Dead
    Author: Prill, David
    Publisher: Subterranean $ 35 ISBN: 1931081603    Date: 2002
    "Horror and fantasy fans who appreciate a clever mixture of humor and nostalgia with chills will be gratified by Prill's work." - Booklist
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Boneshaker
    Author: Priest, Cherie
    $ 15.99 ISBN: 9780765318411 Date: 2009
    [Boneshaker is] a steampunk-zombie-airship adventure of rollicking pace and sweeping proportions, full of wonderfully gnarly details.--Scott Westerfeld, author of Leviathan.
    Suggested Reading: Zombies
    Updated 8.31.09
  • Voodoo Dreams: A Novel of Marie Laveau
    Author: Rhodes, Jewell Parker
    Publisher: St Martins $ 22.95 ISBN: 0312098693 Date: 1993
    An exciting new African American writer debuts with this fictionalized life of New Orleans' famous voodooienne. Based on a real figure in 19th-century New Orleans whom some called a devil and others a saint, this mesmerizing novel conjures up the flesh-and-blood woman behind the legend of Marie Laveau.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Voodoo Season: A Marie Laveau Mystery
    Author: Rhodes, Jewell Parker
    Publisher: Atria $ 24 ISBN: 0743483278 Date: 2005
    Award-winning author Rhodes returns with this luminous sequel to her critically acclaimed debut Voodoo Dreams. As Marie Levant begins her medical residency in New Orleans's Charity
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Procession of the Dead
    Author: Shan, Darren
    $ 19.99 ISBN: 9780446551755 Date: 2010
    New York Times-bestselling YA author Shan (the Cirque Du Freak series) makes his adult fiction debut with this first book in a new series set in a darkly imagined world called the City.
    Updated 4.29.10
  • Zombie Jam
    Author: Schow, David
    Publisher: Subterranean $ 40ISBN: 1931081778 Date: 2003
    Zombie Jam is a festival of the living dead, featuring Schow's previously uncollected short fiction from zombie anthologies near and far, including the elusive pseudonymous works of alter ego Chan McConnell. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Darker Angels
    Author: Somtow, S.P.
    Publisher: Tor $ 24.95 ISBN:0312859317   Date: 1998
    Based on an acclaimed short story that was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, Darker Angels takes the reader from the bloodstained battlefields of Virginia to the slave auctions of Haiti. Walt Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, Lord Byron, and Marie Leveau, the legendary voodoo queen of New Orleans, all have a part to play in the epic tale of a mysterious, one-eyed shaman who dares to raise the dead from the battlefields of the Civil War.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Dead West
    Author: Spears, Rick
    Publisher: Gigantic Graphic Novels $ 14.95 ISBN: 0976303817  Date: 2005
    Dead West combines the best of two genres, zombie horror movies and westerns, to create an all-new manga adventure. During America's westward expansion, a small Indian village was wiped out to make way for the town of Lazarus. Only one Indian, a child, survived, and years later he returns to Lazarus to claim revenge, placing a curse on the town. Soon, the dead have risen from their graves and a mob of zombies is ransacking Lazarus. While the sheriff and cowboys fight the undead, a bounty hunter slips into town looking for a fugitive. Instead, he comes upon a pregnant whore and reluctantly becomes her protector against the zombie onslaught. The bounty hunter is a dangerous man and the sheriff and cowboys are armed to the teeth, but it may not be enough to stop the Indian's curse. Featuring beautiful illustrations and sharp prose by the award-nominated duo of Rick Spears and Rob G. Dead West delivers high-impact heart-throbbing action. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Dust
    Author: Turner, Joan Frances
    $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780441019281 Date: 2010
    Nine years ago, Jessie was in a car crash and died. After she was buried, she awoke and tore through the earth to arise, reborn, as a zombie. After a mysterious illness threatens the existence of both zombies and humans, Jessie must choose between looking away or staring down the madness--and hanging on to everything she now knows as life.
    Updated 9.3.10
  • Necropolis
    Author: Waggoner,Tim
    Publisher: Five Star $ 25.95 ISBN: 1594141401Date: 2004
    From author Tim Waggoner comes a novel featuring a home for all of those creatures that go bump in the night . . . Centuries ago, when Earth's Darkfolk -- vampires, werewolves, witches and other creatures -- were threatened by humanity, they departed our planet's dimension and journeyed to a shadowy realm, where they built the great city of Necropolis. Matthew Adrion is an Earth cop who came through a portal to Necropolis on a case, died, and was resurrected as a zombie. Unable to return home, he works as a private investigator on the very mean streets of this shadowy, dark city.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Monster Island
    Author: Wellington, David
    Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press $ 13.95 ISBN: 1560258500  Date: 2006
    It's one month after a global disaster and the world has fallen to the shambling zombie masses. In New York City, the walking dead are driven by an insatiable hunger. One among the mindless zombies has retained his human intelligence and becomes an eyewitness to the end of the world.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Monster Nation
    Author: Wellington, David
    Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press $ 13.95 ISBN: 1560258667Date: 2006
    In the heart of America, in the world's most secure prison, something horrible is growing in the dark. A wave of cannibalism and fear is sweeping across the heartland, spreading carnage and infection in its wake. Captain Bannerman Clark of the National Guard has been tasked with an impossible mission: discover what is happening--and then stop it before it annihilates Los Angeles.
    Updated 8.7.06
  • Black Pockets And Other Dark Thoughts
    Author: Zebrowski, George
    Publisher: Golden Gryphon $ 24.95 ISBN: 1930846401 Date: 2006
    This collection of 19 horror stories, culled from the career of a writer best known for his literary science fiction, explores horror as a product of the human mind by allowing personal, political, and metaphysical obsessions to unleash terrors that beset these characters and by refusing to rely on genre-typical terrors such as serial killers and ancient curses. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 3.16.06
  • For Teens and Others

  • The Death Collector
    Author: Richards, Justin
    Publisher: Bloomsbury $ 16.95 ISBN: 1582347212  Date: 2006
    What starts as an ordinary pick-pocketing incident in Victorian London unites three teens against a madman. Eddie is the pickpocket; George is an assistant at the British Museum; Elizabeth has a nose for trouble--and all of them are being hunted by sinister factory owner Augustus Lorimore.
    Ages: 12-17
    Updated 8.28.06
  • The Boy Who Wouldn't Die
    Author: Sleator, William
    Publisher: Abrahms $16.95 ISBN: 0810948249 Date: 2004
    Sixteen-year-old Ken loses his best friend in a plane crash and now he wants to be invulnerable. He finds a psychic who claims she can make him immortal for $50--if he will give up his soul. Ken agrees, but soon realizes that the psychic may be exacting a more sinister payment
    Ages: 12-17

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